Article in the newspaper The New Republic of November 20, 2015


From floor to ceiling, if not from the basement to the attic: the Vendome hotel completes its metamorphosis.
If the presence for a few days a crane Faubourg Chartrain, for mounting the components of a lift, revealed the importance of the work undertaken in the Hotel Vendome, difficult to see from the outside that everything is transformed. Owners since July 2014 this three-star (...)

Valerie and Dominique Berurier who worked their project for three years, have all reviewed. It was a three-star on the decline that we seek to remount. "
Already owners since May 2003 the three stars Mercator they renovated, the couple hopes to offer Faubourg Chartrain an upscale address. "This is to establish a synergy between business travelers and the tourism with a hotel that has all of four stars. There
Vendome customers who wish to find this comfort, including visitors vendômoises companies working for export. And for tourists, the prestige of the Vendome name arouses desires among foreigners.

At the Hotel Vendome is the entrance to a large white house that is home office. <span title="" nous="" avons="" supprimé="" le="" sas="" extérieur="" de="" l'entrée="" pour="" permettre="" aux="" clients="" d'arriver="" dans="" ce="" qui="" s'apparente="" à="" une="" maison="" du="" xixe="" siècle,="" meublée="" napoléon="" iii."="">"We have removed the outer airlock entrance to allow guests to arrive in what amounts to a nineteenth century house, furnished Napoleon III. We handed cornices, large slabs, floors, neat lighting, hanging paintings, frames ... all mottled in salons.
The institution had thirty-five bedrooms passes thirty-one rooms. In fact, six rooms and less to enlarge several, including two suites, and allow the ground floor to create two rooms accessible to the disabled.

Chambre 1