Article in the magazine Gala November 25, 2015


Valerie and Dominique Berurier dedicated for 20 years to customers, whether at Mercator *** or in their new facility, Hotel Vendôme (awaiting classification level ****) which, after considerable work, reborn in an elegant spirit, chic, and always friendly. (...)

From the reception to the rooms, through the rooms, Hotel Vendôme has reinvented itself.
31 bedrooms, all tastefully decorated, with a king size bed in which to slip and bathrooms with uncluttered.

Conveniently located just 42 minutes from Paris, the Vendome Hotel is an upscale hotel, the latest standards, which not only put extra deliciously baroque strengths, but is also at the height of its beautiful hair.

So breakfast is homemade, pastries jams. All these advantages make the Hotel Vendome a must.

Source : Gala No. 1172 of November 25, 2015

Chambre 1